To the attention of the Human Rights Council of the UN in Geneva and the Diplomatic Missions of States at the UN in Geneva 

STATEMENT of the World Peace Council 

The World Peace Council (WPC), as the International Organisation of Peace Movements and in cooperation with the UN system in New York, Geneva and Vienna and based on a 70 years long service for the cause of peace and friendship of the peoples, is expressing its most profound concerns and disagreement with the plans of the State of Israel to proceed on 1st July 2020 with the annexation of the Palestinian territories of the Jordan valley. 

We would like to draw your attention to the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories occupied on 5th June 1967 (including East Jerusalem) which despite the “Oslo Agreement” of 1993 has passed through various stages and phases whereas the occupation has become permanent and is advancing through the illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West bank, through the creation of the separation wall, the siege of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, the daily harassments of Palestinian citizens and the violence against them as well as through the land robbing in East Jerusalem and the efforts for the Judaization of the city by the Israeli government, against all relevant resolutions of the UN. 

We underline our strong condemnation to the stand of the governments who have endorsed, tolerated or supported these violations of International Law by Israel, fueling its aggressive and expansionist drive against the People and State of Palestine. 

We have opposed any policy of oppression of the Palestinian people for decades long and have supported the solution of the conflict with the creation of an independent, sovereign and viable State of Palestine within the borders of pre-4th June 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital, alongside Israel. 

The recent developments of the last years with the decision of the US administration to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and its recognition as the “undivided Israeli capital”, the “Nationality law” regarding non-Jewish citizens of Israel and the “Century Plan” of the USA regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict prove clear intentions of USA and Israel to neglect the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people for their State. Furthermore the “Century Plan” of the USA includes the annexation of the 30% of the West Bank (area of the Jordan Valley, areas north of the Dead Sea and big settlements in the West Bank), which was recently announced by the Israeli government for the 1st July 2020. 

The WPC declares its firm rejection and repudiation of the above plans which go against any sense of International Law and against the overall opinion of the vast majority of the nations and peoples in the world. These plans constitute a gross violation of the UN resolutions and will further deteriorate the lives of the Palestinian people. The annexation pans are adding more destabilization and obstacles for peace in the whole Middle East. 

We call upon the Security Council of the UN, upon all UN Member States, the UN Human Rights Council and all peace loving people of the world, to condemn and to oppose the deepening of the occupation of the Palestinian lands by this or similar plans for the 1st July or any other moment by Israel and reaffirm our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination: 

– For the end of the Israeli occupation and an independent Palestinian state at the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. 

-For the recognition by the United Nations and member States of the State of Palestine as a full member of the UN 

– For the abolition of settlements and departure of the settlers, the removal of the Separation Wall and the right to return of Palestinian refugees to their homes. 

– For the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli prisons. There cannot be Peace in the Middle East without Justice! 

On behalf of the WPC Secretariat